Why do Mice Drop Bombs in Japan?


Someone asked on Twitter a while back why so many mice in Japanese games, etc. drop or throw bombs.

I looked into it SUPER briefly and I read on some Japanese sites that fake rats were used as bombs during WWII in Europe. But I don’t know if that’s the reason for this pattern. I get a hunch that it’s similar to other patterns in that some big/important piece of entertainment did it once, and then everything else sort of referenced it after that. But I haven’t looked into that yet.

If anyone has any ideas and/or examples of this happening in Japanese stuff, share it here!


This is not the correct answer, but I found this Japanese animation from 1936 of a fake Mickey Mouse attacking Japan:


There was a lot of strange propaganda back then, I remember watching some in one of my history classes.


Is that Momotaro at 3:45? :astonished:
I’m guessing there are a lot of cultural touchstones in this short. Any chance we can get a breakdown?