What I'm up to on LoL


I thought it’d be helpful to have a sticky topic that keeps track of all the stuff I’m up to as time goes on.

Yesterday I just posted this giant article about Mother 3’s hope, hype, and disappointment cycle: https://legendsoflocalization.com/mother3-timeline/

Next, I’m hoping to finish the final comparison page for the FF6 translation comparison, and then do another page with a summary + final thoughts. I’ve been going back and forth on whether I should post them at the same time or just post them as I finish them each.

My hopes to do a bunch of spooky Halloween-themed articles didn’t work out for this month sadly. I might try to sneak something in this month though.


Lately I’ve been kinda swamped with work, but I’ve been slowly putting together my final update for my FF6 translation comparison. One thing I didn’t think about before is that the fan translation we looked through was actually the latest updated version, so I wanted to take a quick peek at the original release.

ff6skyrenderv1017 ff6skyrenderv1024 ff6skyrenderv1001

I think it would’ve been more interesting to look at this version instead, as it would’ve given even more topics to discuss. It’s fascinating to see the differences and how it changed over time. Still, I’m glad I took a look at the version I did, because it offered so many interesting things to look at and dissect.