Spooky October article ideas!


For October I was thinking of doing articles that are all spooky and/or Halloween-related, but I’m having a hard time coming up with ideas. Some ideas I have are:

  • The Hanako reference in Breath of Fire 2 that didn’t get localized
  • Castlevania Legends and how the Belmonts might actually be blood-related to Dracula’s family according to the ending
  • Nightmare on Elm Street movie LoL article

I feel like there’s a ton of potential, I just have article idea block going at the moment. So if you got any suggestions share em here!


In Yakuza 0 I just encountered a woman in white who was cold and wanted to eat oden. She seemed like some kind of ghost or youkai. There was also a video tape involved like in The Ring. Might be interesting to see if it has any basis in Japanese folk tales or some such. Kind of a weak idea, but wanted to mention it just in case :grinning:

I’ll also leave you with the (not so) spookiest Pokemon Rap of all time, even though I’m sure you’ve seen it.

Ill let you now if I get any ideas that aren’t useless :poop:


Ha, I’ve never seen that before, it was really nice.


A look at spooky Pokémon would be neat, but I know Pokémon isn’t precisely in your wheelhouse. Not to mention its development is as opaque as anything in video games.

It’s perhaps a bit too minor, but I would love to see an article about the significance of pumpkins in Japanese culture. They appear to be associated directly with witches:



And there is, of course, the hidden “Pumpkin” character in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence:


And to tie things back to Pokémon anyhow:



I’d think that just stems from pumpkins being associated with Halloween and therefore spooky things in general, I don’t know that that’s something specific to Japan, but I could be wrong.

Though I guess that kinda begs a question of if Japan even celebrates Halloween like we do here. That might be something interesting to know, not necessarily for this, but just going over which major holidays Japan also celebrates and what the differences might be from how we celebrate them.


Pumpkins also play a major role in Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword:

They’re also everywhere in Dragon Quest 11, of which I can dig up shots tomorrow.

If you don’t like the pumpkin idea, you could always do a localization comparison of Luigi’s Mansion.