Shenmue recommended voices?


I’m starting a playthrough of Shenmue I+II, my first time ever playing either of them. Should I use the English or Japanese audio track? This is mainly a question for Poe, haha, but anyone else who knows about Shenmue stuff feel free to chime in. :slight_smile:


I’d recommend the English audio just because it’s hilarious. Lots of silly voices, overacting, and they turned the stereotypical gaijin into a stereotypical Jamaican guy. IMO, the English voice acting is a huge part of the Shenmue experience.


Glad I asked then, I’m typically a Japanese VO / English subs person for RPGs.


Wow, so speaking of Shenmue 1&2, it turns out that it has a tonnnn of bugs. The Shenmue Dojo is documenting them all:

There will apparently be patches in the future, but holy cow, this does not seem like a good launch for the game.