Share Your Story


Hello! What brings you to this category? Use this topic to share why you’ve chosen to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

I’ll start:

I weighed 285 pounds in 2009. Type II diabetes ran in my family and I realized it wouldn’t be long before I hit 300 pounds if I didn’t change something. Now.

I read the Beginner’s Guide to Health and Fitness and it really helped to dispel garbage rumors and outright lies about weight loss. And so I got started.

I wasn’t used to exercise, so I started easy by walking daily. It had to be daily because I knew I’d start to find excuses to stop otherwise. Walking really hurt at first, but after a month or two, it got easier. Then I started doing DDR, lifting weights, and counting my calories. Two years of this lifestyle change caused me to lose 140 pounds.

I moved to Arizona in 2012 and I’ve gained about 30 pounds since then. I want to get back down to around my pre-Arizona weight and habits. I’ve lost a lot of the muscle I had and I’m definitely not as fit as I was when I moved (jogging kicks my ass now, for example). My clothes are starting to not fit and I don’t want to buy new clothes. I want to make exercise a daily habit again.

So that’s why I’m here! I’m also here to provide motivation and accountability for anyone who needs it.

Please share your own story :slight_smile:


Hey. So, the name’s Math. Some of you know me from Camp Fangamer, and you might be going, ‘hey, he’s/they’re not fat! Dude wears size large shirts, like a normal not fat person!’

And to that I give a hearty ‘lmao, no.’

When I was in high school, they made us do 45 minutes of PE a day, including mandatory timed running on Fridays. If we fell under our best time by a certain amount, we’d even get lunch detention. Alternating between one and three laps every week, three laps to a mile. As a result, I was thin as a rail and could eat anything I wanted with no consequences, and was about 120lbs.

Problem is, after I got out of that school, I didn’t change my eating habits. It didn’t occur to me that I needed to. And, without realizing it, I ballooned up to 147lbs, which is overweight for my height.

You might think that’s not all that bad, but it wreaked havoc on my blood sugar. Carb sensitivity I guess. My dad is a doctor, and looking at my blood tests he said I was pre-diabetic.

I managed to get the weight off, to an extent, and get down to 130lbs, and a healthy blood sugar, but I never managed to get all the way back down to my high school weight. And, in the years since then, I’ve yoyo-ed my way back up to 144lbs and am pre-diabetic again. Not great!

So yeah, I want to fix this, before I end up with Diabeetus™.