Post Your Friend Codes and Other Game Info


Yo! I thought I’d make a thread where people can post their friend codes console user names Club Penguin accounts or whatever gamer related info you want.

Switch: 3195-6083-8718
PS4: NarplesMcGee (Always down for some Monster Hunter!)
Steam: DannyMcGee (Though I don’t use this too often)


Oh wow, been forever since I’ve shared a friend code. Right now I only have one:

Switch: 2202-0392-6056

I usually keep my switch in Airplane Mode because it saves battery life a little, but when Animal Crossing comes out, I’ll put it back online and I might live there for a few months.


Heck yeah! I’m going to be putting a ton of time into the new Animal Crossing when it comes out!


I play Monster Hunter too, but the old one on Switch like a turd, so unfortunately none of that for now. I hope to get World at some point but I felt it was more appropriate for me to go in the actual order of the series so that when I do get to World the past games are all taken care of.

Anyway, my friend code for Switch is 1768-7767-6475. I’m playing pretty regularly on it lately, so I probs won’t miss anyone for too long.


Aight, here’s my digits:

3DS (I think, I pulled this from some old chat convos so I’m not 100% sure): 5069-3939-4164
Switch: 4585-4175-9020

Steam: Usual name is Dominator_101 =HKC=
BattleNet: Dominator101#1149

FE Heroes: 076 945 4957
AC Pocket Camp: 4596 6984 315

I think that’s all the important ones I can think of for now…


I’m perfectlydarien on PSN and Nintendo Network.

My Switch friend code is sw-8040-8227-2922

My 3DS friend code is 0619-4279-2318

This is me on Steam:

The only social network I’m even remotely active on now that Miiverse is gone is MeWe. I’m this guy:

I have a account, but heck if I can recall what it is. Haven’t used it in some time.

If anybody plays Star Wars: the Old Republic, it’s my only active MMO subscription. I can dig up my details for that.


What the heck was I waiting for? Ugh.

Switch: SW-8330-4875-0321
PS4: JustLucklight
Pokemon GO: 0811 1324 2088

I also play Star Ocean: Anamnesis and Langrisser Mobile. If you play those i’ll share my data for those, too. Let me know!


The only console I play regularly nowadays is Switch, so:

Switch: SW-3102-5341-0358


Haven’t played multiplayer games in a loooong time but I think Smash, Apex Legends, and Tetris 99 might change that!

Switch: SW-6233-7106-0242
Xbox, Origin: RolandRock