Share your podcast suggestions here. Be sure to write a short description for each one :slight_smile:

Here’s a list of some of my favorites:

  • Levar Burton Reads - Levar Burton (Geordi from Star Trek, Reading Rainbow guy) reads short stories to you! Very relaxing, I like to listen to them before I sleep.

  • We Have Concerns - a comedy science podcast, mostly improv comedy, talking about topical science articles. It recently ended, but there are 4 whole years of thrice-weekly episodes to listen to.

  • Gravy - “Stories of the changing American South, told through the foods we eat.” Lots of interesting and different stories, like a Korean Restaurant owner in Alabama, Soul Food cooked by a Mexican chef in California, Indian-owned motels in the south, etc etc. This is my #1 favorite podcast.

  • Everything is Alive - a chill podcast where the host “interviews” household objects. A can of cola, a bar of soap, a pillow, etc. It’s weird and charming.

  • Ear Hustle - a podcast about life inside San Quinton State Prison in California. One of the co-hosts is an inmate. They interview inmates on various topics like cell mates, family visits, solitary confinement, food, etc. It’s fascinating.


I lack the time to listen to very many podcasts these days, sadly, but there are a couple I still check in on from time to time:

  • The Tom Woods Show, which is mainly about history, philosophy, and economics from a libertarian perspective, but with lots of detours into other fields. The theology episodes are my personal favorites.

  • Contra Krugman, an economics podcast that originally set out to refute Paul Krugman’s New York Times column every week, then noticed that Krugman has a habit of writing the same column over and over again and sort of wandered into related areas.

Then a couple I have a personal connection to:

  • Culture of Peace, an interview show in which m’verygoodfriend Luke Tatum talks to people who are doing neat things to promote peace and voluntary order.

  • Wizardly Wisdom with my friend Kenn Williamson, who talks about all sorts of stuff. Occasionally has me on the show and we talk about the Super Nintendo or some fool thing like that.


I found a few new ones I like!

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend - Conan talks with people he’s interviewed on his show in the past, but this time they get to have real conversations instead of chatting for like 5 minutes. The goal is to get to know them better, like you would a friend. And the TV censors aren’t here so they cuss. I like how he does his ads in the show. Sometimes he’s like, “I don’t know what this product is, I should call them and have them tell me about it.”

Beautiful Anonymous - each episode, a person calls the host and the two talk for one hour. They can talk about anything at all and the host can’t hang up, but the guest is allowed to. These aren’t famous people, they’re everyday normies like you and me. It’s very interesting. Only listened to a handful so far but I really like.