Our Video Game Messups!



Have any of you had a particular fun story with a video game mess-up?

Here’s what I mean. Have you ever not been paying attention to the story and thought you had to go into a high-level area, not realizing your next destination was right around the corner at a much more manageable difficulty? Or have you completely fell short on a boss strategy, instead taking a really difficult way of dealing with it instead of what you’re supposed to do?

I’ll give a couple of examples of my messups when I was a kid.

Chrono Trigger: For some reason, as a kid I thought Magus was the last boss and Lavos was his monstrous henchman. (Magus Summoned Lavos! He must be the main villain!) So when Frog gets the Masamune and you are supposed to go to Magus’s Castle, I somehow missed that part and thought you had to go to 1999 via the End of Time and fight Lavos. Nowhere did it click in my head that Lavos was using the abilities of former bosses and when Magus’s form started, I should have known that Magus was next. Needless to say I wouldn’t survive. It took a Nintendo Power to steer me into the right direction.

Final Fantasy VI: There’s a boss in the Fanatic’s Tower called the Magimaster, who on death casts Ultima. Of course it wrecks my party. You should use Reraise before that happens to get back up and win the battle… but what did I do? I would try to get him down to low HP, then cast the Palidor summon (It makes everyone jump off screen like a Dragoon) and hope to the gods i didn’t land before Ultima got me. (and no, i didnt even know that using Rasp to drain his MP could be a thing, either.)

How about you? Any cosmically bad screwups? Did they have happy endings?


Oh man, I imagine I’ve got a ton of these I just can’t think of right now…I’ll start with a really simple one that has no actual weight because I like it.

So, first time playing Fallout 3. I’m exploring some dilapidated building, as you do. I start exploring the bathroom of said building, and notice that you can hit ‘e’ on the toilets to ‘use’ them. Having played countless other games with toilets I naturally assume that this means I’ll flush the toilet, as you do in games. I hit e hoping for that wondrous flush noise, only I don’t get a flush noise. Instead, my character reaches out his hand and scoops up some water to drink. Ew.

I’ve gotta think of some better ones…I know I’m no stranger to doing stupid crap in video games…


Okay, my brain woke up a bit…I did think of a couple off the top of my head.

Final Fantasy: So, the first time I played the original Final Fantasy I went into the first town and stocked up on some weapons/armor. Left town to try and get some more money to finish kitting out my team. The enemies weren’t quite as easy as I expected for start of game enemies, though…even after a few level ups they still weren’t going down in one shot most of the time. Took me a few levels and trips back into town to rest at the inn that all that crap I bought? While I had put it into my dudes’ inventories, I hadn’t actually equipped them. So basically I spent my first half hour to an hour of FF punching Goblins to death instead of using actual weapons. (This wasn’t as a young kid by the way…it was on the Wii VC, so I was in at least like, middle or high school)

Zelda: So my first experiences with the original LoZ were playing at a friend’s house. We found the first dungeon no problem, and continued n our quest after felling Aquamentas. We spent forEVER looking for the next dungeon to go to, because we didn’t have any guides or anything back then. After searching around, we finally stumbled across a new dungeon to explore! We were so excited that we jumped up and high-fived each other. We did it! Only in our excitement my friend’s foot kinda kicked the reset button on the NES…so we were back to wandering around trying to find the dungeon again.

And I’m sure there’s more where that came from.


Haha, in the same vein of Dom drinking toilet water in Fallout 3: In Yakuza Ishin, you can find pillbugs in jars, and I’m still not sure what they’re for. When we first got one, it said we could “use” it in the item menu. So we “used” it, and Kiryu ate it and lost a good chunk of health. Dammit, Kiryu!

Eternal Darkness: the game that gives you freaky illusions if your sanity meter gets too low. Stuff like the screen shaking, weird creatures appearing, the game “muting” itself, etc. Lots of really fun stuff, actually. But as I was playing, a message popped up saying my controller came unplugged and I needed to reset the game. I was playing with a Wavebird, so it made sense to me, like my batteries might have run out, so I switched off the game and checked. … Nope… That was an illusion. I lost a lot of progress.


I feel like games need to start differentiating between ‘Using’ something and ‘Ingesting’ that something, haha.

Oh man, that sounds like some Psychomantis type stuff. Nice. I like it when games do that.

That also reminds me of another thing from Fallout 3. I was exploring a building when I kept getting these weird periods where the screen would get brighter and it would play a high pitched noise. It might’ve even been in the one building that had some hallucination type stuff going on (or I had just recently gone through there), so I thought it was more of that. Like 10 or 20 minutes later when it was still happening my brother was like ‘Dude, I’m pretty sure your head is crippled.’…Oh…


Bwahaha! I love that game so much. I remember getting fooled the first time i walked through a door and ended up on the ceiling. I thought it was a dead end and got super frustrated. Nope, just going crazy.