LoL Help Wanted!


I’ve been looking for so many LoL-related things over the years all by myself, but I’m just one guy. So following in the spirit of opening up LoL more to the community, I thought I’d make a running list of stuff I’m trying to get.

  • Incorrect Super Mario Bros. manual - back in the late 1980s I remember my SMB/Duck Hunt guide had a weird problem with some of the Super Mario Bros. enemy names. Basically, some of the names got switched around. I thought I was misremembering all these years until I saw the same problem with a Spanish copy of SMB1. I asked around on Twitter and a few other people remember this too, but there’s like zero info to be found. I even bought like 30 SMB1 guides off of eBay hoping to find one, but no luck yet. If you know anything about this, let me know!

  • Ar Tonelico (PS2) save files - I want to get my own videos of the Raki glitch that freezes/crashes the game after the third turn. I’ve already looked through all the save files I can find online, but none of them feature the specific Raki battle I’m looking for. I’m not familiar with the game, so if anyone can help get a save file (not a save state) right before the specific battle that’d be swell!

  • Dragon Force III manual - I forget why I’m looking for this at the moment, but I believe it has some bad translation or All Your Base-style mistakes in it or something.

(I’ll continue to add to this list as I remember stuff, it’ll get long I’m sure!)



The Raki glitch can happen in every battle against her, it’s just most likely to occur during the last plot one. Since she’s the bonus beat-as-many-times-as-you-want boss you can just load up any endgame save and head over to her and you’ll trigger the bug soon enough. If you need more specifics I can provide.

Note that the game does not crash in PCSX2 when this happens, you’ll need to use real hardware.