It Can't Be Helped!


I’m still hoping to gather lots of examples of “It can’t be helped” in game translations for a big, heavily-requested article. If you know of any and/or have screenshots of any, share them here.

Poe’s been slowly grabbing a bunch from Detective Pikachu and I have a couple examples already gathered, but I’m sure there’s a lot out there that are ripe for the picking!



Mato has started saying “it can’t be helped” in everyday life now and it’s driving me crazy.


Haha, he said it in the gamecats chat the other day and I was like ‘Not sure if he said that on purpose, or if that’s just become part of his vocab…’


There’s definitely a few of them in Xenogears, but grabbing high-quality screens is some kind of tricky considering how meaty it is. I also don’t think the CT Literal examples of it that I grabbed count.


I’m still amazed that I haven’t seen a single one in Ys 8. Maybe they slipped a few into the patched version.


There’s definitely a phenomenon as a translator in which you start merging languages and translation-ese in your head more and more over time. I think that’s partially why a lot of the go-to, quick-and-easy translation choices get used so much - it’s easy to lose perception of how things sound from the other side of the language barrier.


I know the Gyakuten Kenji 2 fan translation is loaded with "it can’t be helped"s. Are you interested in those? I can’t for the life of me remember if the official AA translations have them.


I’m not sure if you have this one from Yakuza 0 yet?

It’s from the shogi guy you can play against as Majima


Haha, that’s great. I didn’t do that quest much so I probably missed it, thanks!


I kind of cheated at it by using an AI and just mimicking it’s moves and entering the moves from Yakuza 0 as my own :sweat_smile: This dialogue pops up when you approach him and just choose to not play, so it’s easy to get if you’d like a better screenshot.

I want to learn shogi some day, but sadly I’m only proficient in mahjong and go at the moment. Still think Yakuza 0 could use some nice 囲碁 though!