~ Halloween ~


:jack_o_lantern: What are your Halloween plans? :jack_o_lantern:

Poemato celebrates Halloween during the entire month of October, so join us is the spooky yummy fun!

Yesterday we started decorating and I found a bunch of cool light-up things like a lantern with ghosts inside, little ghost lights, and small ceramic things with lights inside. I want to fill the house with :ghost: lights this year. We like “Kindergarten Halloween” decorations, so only cute stuff, not gross gory stuff. :bat:

Never in my life have I personally experienced falling leaves :fallen_leaf: in October, though. I grew up in a place that had no real seasons :cloud: and now I live in :cactus:. So I like movies and games with a very, very fall-y feel. Hocus Pocus, Costume Quest, every October in Animal Crossing :mushroom:

Are you giving out :candy: to trick-or-treaters this year? Since trick-or-treating is becoming somewhat rare lately, I keep a count of how many monsters show up at my door asking for candy :japanese_ogre:. Planning on going to any Halloween parties? I’m thinking about dressing up as Majima for Fangamer’s weenie party.


My family isn’t too gung-ho about getting up Halloween decorations, but I did get a few things to put up. I have some window decorations, and I also have some ghost and pumpkin string lights I’ll put up if I can manage to track them down. When I eventually get my own place, I want to go all out on spooky decorations though!

Halloween it’s self I’ll probably end up celebrating the Sunday before because work, but me and some friends plan on getting together and watching some some spoopy movies. One of which is absolutely going to be Gingerdead man.

Also I’m sure you know how it is in Florida, but it’s still like 90 during the days and it doesn’t cool down much more at night. It really kind of takes some of the fun out of the month when you’re being baked alive during the fall.

Also here’s the window decorations I got! https://twitter.com/DatDannyMcGee/status/1042202058890387456


Cuuuute! I’ll have to take pictures once all our decorations are up.

And oh man, if you’re looking for some spoopy movies, Mato & I just watched “Summer of 84” last night. It was a trip.


In Sweden we don’t have Halloween as an event historically, but during the last decade or so it has been more prevalent, likely due to media influences from the US and the fact that there is money to be made, hence aggressive advertising.

Is Halloween celebrated historically in more places than the US?


I know it’s becoming more of a thing in Japan, and I personally think they do it better. They focus on really cute Halloween stuff, the stuff that I like! Mato and I were talking about importing Halloween decorations from there…hmm! We’d better get on that XD

Japan’s pumpkin flavors are real pumpkin too, not pumpkin spice (cinnamon, nutmeg, other magic) like over here. I had some of their pumpkin kitt-katts and they were so good. On the package was a green kabocha carved like a jack-o-lantern :smiley:

Dia de los Muertos is a big thing in the southwest US, too. I never heard much about it when I lived on the east coast, but over here there’s tons of cool decorations and friggin’ delicious Pan de Muerto <3


As I lay here with a tummy ache from eating too much candy, let’s talk about our favorite Halloween costumes when we were growing up!

My favorites were: Wednesday from The Addams Family, Left Eye from TLC, and Ernest from Ernest Goes to [everywhere]. It was much more fun to dress up like characters/people rather than generic “princess”. I was a bee in 1st grade, haha.


That’s one thing I always wished I did as a kid was actually put together my own costumes instead of just getting store bought ones.
I don’t remember ever having any particularly out there costumes growing up, but apparently, according to my mom, on my first Halloween that I was able to really walk around more or less on my own, I didn’t understand the concept of trick or treating on the first house, so when the people answered the door instead of saying “Trick or Treat” i walked right in and said “Hey, what’s up!”. Or at least something along those lines. I think that year I was dressed up as a dragon.


Halloween costume update! (And by update I mean this is the whole thing)