Great Moments in Game Localization


I figure here we can post a bunch of examples of truly high-quality localization, to go along with our usual funny bits. To kick things off, I have a bit of a surprise; I’m normally Critic #1 of the modern Dragon Quest localization butchery, but I’m compelled to point out when they’re truly superlative, and this is one of those cases:

Everything about that name is perfect.


Haha, that’s great! That reminds me of this one too


I haven’t made it to far in DQ XI, but I’ve already seen a few monsters with REALLY GOOD names. I’ve also put their Japanese names above the pictures for anyone who wants to compare.



ぐんたいガニ (Formerly ArmyCrab in previous games)

ドルイド Lump Wizard may not be a pun, but that name name made me laugh for a good 5 minuets at least. This guy was also formerly known as “Lumpus”(Also a really good name!) and “Druid”


Dang! These are really good :smiley: