Set your goals here! In order to be effective, a goal must be specific, realistic, positive, and have a time limit.

Bad goal: Stop eating junk food!!!
Good goal: Eat an extra serving of vegetables with every meal for 2 weeks.

Bad goal: Lose weight!
Good goal: Count calories and lose 30 pounds of body fat by the end of this year.

Bad goal: Get buff!
Good goal: Follow (so-and-so weightlifting workout) for a month.

Bad goal: Exercise more!
Good goal: Walk for 30 minutes each morning for two weeks.

And after you attain your goal, set a new one. So if you managed to walk for 30 minutes every day for 2 weeks, move up to extending the time you walk, or add jogging or running to make it tougher.

My goal: Follow this strength training workout for 3 weeks. I’m concerned I won’t be able to do dips or chin ups, so if that ends up being the case, I’ll replace them with a similar exercise and in the meantime work my way up to being able to do dips and chin ups.


Goal: Get up at 8-9AM every morning instead of 11-ish, walk to the nearby 7-Eleven instead of driving to Starbucks, and start the day with a black coffee instead of a latte. NO SNACKS FROM 7-ELEVEN.

For the first two weeks, just walk there and back, no additional walking (it’s pretty far, I’ll time it).


Ah, I like it! A good, simple goal to start out with. Getting up hours earlier than you’re used to can be tough, but your body will adjust :slight_smile:


Thought of a new goal this morning that I think I can reach: eat vegetarian meals on non-workout days for one week.

Our refrigerator broke two days ago and I’ve been cooking all the meat we had in there so it doesn’t go to waste, so it’s been a meaty weekend. This had me craving vegetarian meals today, haha.


Secondary goal, started this one a while ago (like, last week?) but I may as well post it here. I’m cutting out diet soda in favor of flavored sparkling water, like La Croix and stuff. My dad expects me to go through what Diet Coke I have left, but we’ll see. Might just give it away or something idfk.


Coconut La Croix FTW


Here. it. is. The big one!

Lose 25 pounds of fat by April 18, 2019.

That’ll be the 10th anniversary of my lifestyle change, and I’ll be back to the healthiest weight for my height. To achieve this goal, I need to lose 3.5 pounds a month, which is totally doable. I’m gonna do the tried and true exercise combined with reducing calories.


Along with a healthy body, one must also strive for a healthy mind.

The current political climate + the cesspool that is social media is turning me into a pretty angry and cynical person. I don’t want that to be who I am. I can’t blame it all on outside forces, though. I love being snarky, but snark doesn’t make me feel good, it feeds my cynical attitude. So, I’m attempting this:

I will be snark-free for one week. If I see myself snarking, or feel some snark rising, I will recognize what’s happening and keep the snark to myself.

This will be difficult because it’s so ingrained in my personality now. I’m gonna attempt that trick of wearing a bracelet and moving it from one wrist to the other whenever I catch myself snarking. The bracelet will also serve as a reminder of my goal so I don’t forget.

Anyone is free to join me in attempting this goal. Here we go!


That’s a pretty respectable goal there, Poe. I know I can sometimes get kind of condescending when dealing with patrons at the Library I work at, but I’m trying to be better with it. It’s a process, it won’t happen overnight for sure. I also pretty much avoid politics because I don’t have the mind for it, and I try to be optimistic in general.


Thanks, Alx. This snark-free experiment has gone pretty well! The bracelet really helped me to remember to pay attention to what I was thinking and saying. I actually had to stop looking at Twitter and swear off NPR entirely to make real progress, though. I’ll keep up with the really important news and I’m staying informed for the upcoming election, but all the little stuff and the many strong opinions really grate on me.

If anyone feels like they need a social media detox, I highly recommend it. Block all that shit and delete all the apps from your phone, if only for a weekend. See how you feel.


I’m 100% in favor of cutting out social media. It’s designed from the ground up to sift people into little warring tribes and reward the most obnoxious behavior. I wish I could convince my wife to get rid of it; her Facebook is the only source of social media-caused drama in my life. :slight_smile: