Funny translation image thread!


I love funny translation screenshots, whether they’re bad translations, amusing translations, clever translations, or anything else. I have more screenshots lying around than I know what to do with. If you have any screenshots you like, share 'em here!

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Some years ago, before those games got an official localization, me and a buddy of mine got really into Danganronpa. At the time, there was a translation screenshot LP of the second game going on, but it was updating really slowly, and we couldn’t bear to wait any longer to know what would happen next, so I did a silly thing and made a Google-translated patch for the game.

As you might be aware from the recent streams here, this was a questionable idea at best, but it did produce something almost understandable if you really squinted at it. So we played through the entire game like this. It’s an experience, something I’d recommend to really appreciate the work that some translators go through to bring us well localized games.

But anyway, I took some screenshots over the course of the playthrough of lines I found particularly funny, weird, or otherwise interesting. You can find them here: Be aware that there are spoilers for the entire game of Danganronpa 2 in those screenshots!

Posting spoiler-free images of this game is hard due to the nature of the game’s plot, but here’s a hopefully spoiler-free example:



These are some funny “translator’s notes” I came across recently while reading a fan-translated manga. While they are factually correct, I can’t help but wonder what kind of person has never heard of bourbon or the stork (which, I’m pretty sure, does not qualify as a “mythical belief”).


I love it!

Looking forward to:
*Translator’s note: A fish is an animal that lives under water
*Translator’s note: Pants are clothing that covers the lower half of your body