Fun Let's Players


Hello, please share your favorite Let’s Players in this topic.

I like a guy named Eman; on YouTube he’s CoolGamingBros. He puts a lot of heart into his LPs and he also edits out boring stuff like backtracking and menu stuff. I recommend starting with his Dark Souls LP (even if you don’t like Souls games, I think his LP is worth watching).

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I’ve always been a big fan of The Super Beard Bros., Jirard Khalil the Completionist and Alex Faciane. In fact, they’re the guys who introduced me to Legends of Localization, so I kinda owe em a lot. They have a really fun community and excellent gameplay. As for a playlist to start with… I recommend… Secret of Mana ft Projared.

I have a few others but I’ll save em for another day!


If Twitch streams count as Let’s Plays, you gotta check out TheNo1Alex, Onchi, and VaiBeatFoo on Twitch.


But why, Math? What do they do that makes them fun/unique/cool? :slight_smile:


There’s only one LPer that I think needs the noteriety more than anyone else. Known as The D-Pad, they are an absolute workhorse of a video gaming and media force, currently in the midst of playing through all Mega Man, Sonic, and Kirby games that exist, with other one-off series on the side like Chrono Trigger and Spyro. They put out an absolutely massive amount of videos, they’re entertaining, they’re frustrating, they enjoy their work… I simply can’t recommend them enough.

Check them out:


Onchi is good because, LOTS of audience interaction. The streams usually pull only about 15-30 people so he engages with the chat a lot. It’s really fun. He’s a variety streamer but he also streams a fair amount of FFXIV and Super Mario Maker.

VaiBeatFoo just has a really funny and quirky personality, also a lot of chat engagement, and usually his playthroughs are blind and his reactions to stuff is pretty great. Variety streamer, will play a game start-to-finish before moving on to a new one.

TheNo1Alex is also a variety streamer, good sense of humor, some chat interaction but not as much. A mix between whatever game is trending on Twitch at the time, weeb stuff like the Tales of games, and sometimes sponsored streams, although it’s always fun no matter what it is because as I said he brings good humor into it.


I mainly watch PeanutButterGamer and SpaceHamster aka “PB and Jeff”. They’re a lot of fun and they have a great editor (Todd). If you care a lot about the gameplay I would not really recommend them because they can sometimes be pretty bad at paying attention to the games they play :sweat_smile: but for me it often enhances the experience because it leads to funny moments when they screw up. My favorite lately is their LeafGreen Randomizer Nuzlocke which is currently ongoing. Their Super Mario World Randomizer series was also great.