Hey, I’m playing Disgaea for the first time by myself on the Switch. I’m a little lost, but getting used to things. I have Maderas now, so I think I’m on chapter 6? None of my guys are at level 20 yet, though.

I need tips! Advice! What’s the best way to level a brand-new character from level 1 to something that won’t die in one hit? When does the experience gain happen in battle? Does the person who kills the monster get the experience? Like, if someone hit the monster and took some health, but a different person finished it off. Not counting combo attacks, I’m pretty sure everyone shares experience in that case.

Right now my main team consists of the plot characters, a cleric who also knows all elemental spells, many brawlers/fighters, two spear people, an arrow girl (she’s low-level tho), and an amazing gun dude. Are Prinnies even worth it? lol Any good monster characters I should save up my mana to create?

Also discuss all other Disgaea games in here if you want~


I’m absolutely going to be picking this game up soon. It was one of my favorites on the PS2. Unfortunately it’s been at least a decade since I’ve played DIsgaea 1, so I forget all of the specific mechanics and such and how they work. I do know that this game, and most others in the series have some stages that are great for leveling up your characters to an absurd degree, though I can’t recall any specific ones for this game.


I love the idea of Disgaea, but SRPGs and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship. I get really into them for a little while, then I completely burn out. Very rarely do I get anywhere near finishing one. I have Disgaea 5 on the Swatch – preordered it, so I’ve had it for some time – and I’m still only on, like, chapter 3. :slight_smile: