Check In


Hoooooly crap. I did my first Starting Strength workout just now and oh my god, it was tough as nails. But I did it! I used 20-lb dumbbells, so I was lifting 40 lbs total. I liked that the workout didn’t take a long time, and yet I can still feel that my ass got kicked. Now to see how I feel tomorrow morning, haha~


Got up 8:15. Left for coffee at… I think around 9? This time my dad went with me, he needs to lose weight too. But he got a Coke Zero, which… I mean, sure, but it struck me as funny because a secondary goal of mine is to cut out diet soda and replace it with flavored sparkling water like La Croix.

Sticking to my goal, I got a black coffee and nothing else. They offered me a free donut, and, normally I’d be on that like flies on crap, but. Gotta lose weight.

Weighed in this morning at 140.2, down 2.6lbs from yesterday. Making progress!


There are two things I’ve accomplished recently. First off I’ve almost completely stopped drinking soda. I’m down to maybe one or two of them a week. And two, over the past few days I’ve managed to shimmy my sleep schedule into something somewhat normal. Before I was going to bed at around 6am and waking up at around 2pm, sometimes later, but yesterday I got up at 11am and today I got up at 7:30am for job hunting stuff. I may not be getting up at 7am on the regular, but I’m going to try to keep my sleep in the AM zone at the very least!


Got up at 8:59, left around 9:07. Dad went too again. They offered me another free donut, I turned it down, again. One thing I’m doing to motivate myself is playing Pokemon Go while I walk to/from the 7-Eleven.

Weighed in at 140 even. Plateaued a little, but, we’ll see where I am tomorrow.


I wouldn’t be too worried about comparing daily weigh-ins. You’ll hardly see any appreciable difference most of the time, and it can easily swing either way since your weight just naturally fluctuates a few pounds from day-to-day. And if you are seeing major differences in daily weigh ins (like losing multiple pounds every day) that’s actually a bad sign since losing weight too fast isn’t good.


^ Good advice, Dom. The Beginner’s Guide to Health and fitness goes into more detail here. It’s tempting to weigh yourself daily, but pulling back to weekly would give you more accurate results.

Also, nice to hear, Danny! The soda cravings will stop after a month or so, and if you’re like me, just the thought of drinking soda after losing your taste for it will make you feel bleh.


Good advice re: daily weigh ins, but at the same time part of my issue is snacking and portion control, and I’ve found that a daily weigh in helps me with that insofar as knowing ‘oh, I gained 2 pounds (for example) in one day, did I eat too much yesterday?’. It really does help, at least in my experience.


Okay, as long as it works for you, Math. Keep in mind that you might start gaining muscle, which will make the scale say you “gained weight”, but muscle is good weight.

My check in: I finished day 2 of the Starting Strength workout. This one was tougher! For the chin ups, there’s a little playground with a jungle gym nearby, so I was able to find a bar to use for chin ups there. The bar was set really low cuz it’s for kids, but that helped because I was able to use my legs a bit when my arms couldn’t do it themselves. Still mostly relied on arm strength and only used my legs when I felt it was impossible otherwise.

I’m glad no kids were there, haha.


Got up at 8. Don’t remember when I left. Got a black coffee. No free donut offer this time! The coffee was free b/c rewards card, which is nice. I also got 9 ‘great’ throws in Pokemon GO, which is nice because one of my research goals in-game is to get 10 ‘great’ throws. :smiley:


got up ~8:45, 7-Eleven, coffee, etc etc. Weighed in at 139.8lbs. Feeling good about myself. :smiley:


I finished the first week of the Starting Strength Workout. Moved up to lifting 45 lbs today since 40 lbs was too easy. 45 lbs might be too easy, too?? I’ll try 50 on Monday.

Been feeling goodly sore throughout the week. Looking forward to a weekend of resting my muscles.

Yesterday was supposed to be a vegetarian day, but I had leftover chicken and veggie soup for dinner that I didn’t want to waste. Doing vegetarian-only meals until dinner is definitely doable, though.


Got up around 8:20. Left 9:20. Did a bit of jogging on my way back. Feelin good, but I can do better. Gonna do more jogging when I’m not PoGOing.


Forgot to check in yesterday. Got up both days, jogged a bit yesterday, ended up spending THREE HOURS today PoGOing and sweat out 1.4lbs of water weight between morning weigh-in and getting home. Which, it’s water weight, I’ll just gain it back, but it shows I was pretty active.


Halfway into my goal of doing 3 weeks of the Starting Strength workout and I’m already feeling stronger! I did squats and bench presses with 50 pounds today, and a set of deadlifts with 60 pounds. I never, ever, ever thought I’d be able to go that high! And I reached it after just a week and a half (but remember, I’ve been lifting weights for years already, just not this heavy). When I turned the dial on my adjustable-weight dumbbells to 30 pounds, I was like “whoa okay this is a milestone”. As I was doing my post-workout stretches, my legs were so strong that I left like I could lift off and fly~

My Starting Strength book came in the mail today, too. Mannnn, I’m gonna be strongggg <3


WELP! I woke up with intense neck pain yesterday, which is something I get sometimes if I sleep in a weird position. Pain is still here today, though better, but that means I won’t be hitting my goal of 3 solid weeks of the Starting Strength workout. It’s disappointing, but if I’m injured, the most important thing is to get better.


Ugg, neck pain sucks. It’s something I’ve been struggling with for a few years now (I have a bad case of ‘sitting down for the past 15 years’). Thankfully I recently started seeing a chiropractor and have been improving, though it’s still not totally gone. Mine was usually more neck soreness, but it would give me headaches of varying intensities.

But yeah, especially with neck stuff it’s better to play it safe.


I did a run today! Recently I’ve been walking home from work, nothing too crazy, it only takes somewhere between 15 and 20 minuets to get home, but today I decided to jog part of the way, and I plan on doing that on future trips home as well. I’m gong to start alternating between jogging and walking on my trip and steadily increase how long I’m jogging for.


aw yeaahhh! Glad you have somewhere to walk to/from.


So I didn’t just fall off the wagon, I jumped off. With it being Halloween season, a lot of candy, snacks, and treats have found their way into my house. I’m just gonna let myself enjoy them for a little bit longer before getting back on track.


Yeah, I didn’t get back on track until last week, oops.

Went back to my tried and true method of counting calories. This time I keep a notebook in the kitchen with a pen at the ready, and a calculator right next to it. I used to keep all my counts in my techo, which would never be in the kitchen to start with, so I rarely kept up my counting for long. Keeping a notebook in the kitchen is working so far! :smiley:

I haven’t done much exercising since hurting my neck/back in September. That’s my next challenge.