Article Ideas


If you have any ideas for main site articles or bonus Patreon articles, share them here! Incidentally, here’s what I have sitting on my desktop at the moment, staring at me every day:

I have many more ideas in a notebook somewhere but they’re mostly huge topics that will take a long time to put together. The problem is that lately I’ve been trying to take on too many super-big topics that I end up taking forever between articles :sob:


Maybe not necessarily big enough for an article, but one small line I’ve been wondering about is from the original Pokemon. In I believe the Celadon department store there’s a dude who gives you the TM for ‘Counter.’ When he gives it to you he says something along the lines of ‘TMx contains Counter, not like the one I’m leaning on mind you.’ I’ve always wondered what this line was originally, if somehow the pun happened to work out or be similar in Japanese.