About the Wanderbar Development & Discussion category


This section is for my emulator sidebar add-on that I call the “Wanderbar”. I basically took some open source emulators and glued them to a web browser so I can use them for neat things. I’ll be releasing the programs and the source code in the near future, and my hope is that others will create their own Wanderbar scripts and/or improve the Wanderbar source code itself.

http://tomato.fobby.net/wanderbar/ (Download binaries & source code here)
https://legendsoflocalization.com/wanderbar/ (An overview of the plugins, dev history, etc.)

Keep in mind that I originally developed it for myself so it’s not user friendly at all. I’m also not a very skilled programmer, so if my implementation choices seem confusing and/or boneheaded, it’s because I know enough to do what I want but not enough to do it the best way.