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Legends of Localization Discussion

This is where we can talk about the main Legends of Localization site, various articles, and even just general translation/localization stuff. Only patrons can post and reply here, so if you want to join the conversation, go here:

Wanderbar Development & Discussion

This section is for my emulator sidebar add-on that I call the “Wanderbar”. I basically took some open source emulators and glued them to a web browser so I can use them for neat things. I’ll be releasing the programs and the source code in the near future, and my hope is that others will create their own Wanderbar scripts and/or improve the Wanderbar source code itself.

Game Time

Talk about games in here. Video games, board games, sports games, whatevah~

Japanese Language Discussion

I get a lot of questions about Japanese stuff, so I thought this forum would be a good place to share those questions and let others post questions they have!

Let's Healthy!

Discuss health and fitness, give/receive motivation, set goals, and have fun! Let’s get healthy together.

General Discussion

Discussion of things that don’t fit anywhere else.